I’ve been to Switzerland before, when I was younger to play a tennis tournament. If I remember correctly, it was in Zurich, but looking back I know I was asking my father to drive to the capital, because I’ve always wanted to visit Geneva, “The Peace Capital” (one of the cities that … Continue Reading


       Warm weather is officially here, which I’m sure everyone knows (feels) by now lol. This season I feel like more and more people are leaning towards summery, hawaiian, floral dresses and of course we all love stripes outfits as well.         I’ve had my eye on a few super cute … Continue Reading


     Considering last week we had some traditional romanian holidays, my fam and I decided to take a 3 days trip to the seaside, which is 3 hrs away from my hometown. We got there on saturday and checked in at Vega Hotel in Mamaia, located right on the beach.         I … Continue Reading


       As a child, I used to drive my parents nuts of how much I loved disney movies, disney toys and just everything related to Disney. It was my dream to go to the park and finally meet Mickey and Minnie, oh Gosh..I used to dream about them, I remember I was intensely … Continue Reading


       Living in America for 6 years was an incredible opportunity, but living or even just visiting New York is something I can’t put into words. NYC is one of those places that I want to visit, revisit and visit again until I will eventually end up living there. There’s this particular vibe … Continue Reading


       Besides being my kind, hilarious and beautiful (inside and out) best friend, Ioana David is also such a talented fashion designer. I recently met with her to do yet another photo shoot, but this time for her Spring Collection, (that you can also find on Ioana’s Facebook/Instagram page).        Fashion is … Continue Reading


       Since Holy week it’s coming to an end, unfortunately so is my magical holiday in Greece. For the Orthodox people, Easter is one of the most important religious holidays and what a better place to spend it, than in the Aegean heaven, where I’ve experiencing a wonderful Pascha (greek for Easter), for … Continue Reading


       It took a lot of traveling to realize that I need to take better care of my skin and also a lot of breaking out to understand how important it is to come up with a skin care routine that works perfectly. It’s really hard for me to pack light, especially when it … Continue Reading


        I arrived super excited at my hotel in Siem Reap called “Angkor Park Resort”, where I spent 2 beautiful (very humid) days exploring the Tamples of Angkor. A lot of people (myself included) choose to visit Cambodia for its unique & famous architecture and beautiful nature. Just like in Vietnam, I … Continue Reading


      My sunday night activities include watching Lion King and eating popcorn with my little brother who just turned 8 yesterday, he’s growing up so fast :((, I can barely even lift him up:((… Anways, I was in Bucharest the whole week to see my friends and first things first: we decided to … Continue Reading